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About Us

Our local authority is one of many having to make cuts to services, consequently our schools are increasingly being asked to support families in the community.

In response, across Kirklees 17 “Community Hubs” have been formed; groups of schools getting together to help each other support the families of the children in their care. The Hubs differ in size, make up and priorities but all are made up of schools.

The BBEST Community Hub is made up of 20 schools in the Batley and Birstall area, and we also have the Primary Pupil Referral Service as an associate member. This means the BBEST Hub is working for the families of more than 7600 children locally.

The BBEST Community Hub represents approximately 11% of the schools in Kirklees and 14% of the school children in Kirklees!

Our goals are:

  • To position the Community Hub at the heart of the community-so that no individual is left behind
  • To create responsive, sustainable and effective support systems valued by all our schools, partners, children and families
  • To offer wraparound support to our children to benefit our community

We have created a Message Triangle to explain more about our goals:

Put simply, we want to support our community so that our children can learn effectively and reach their full potential in our schools.

In practice, this means our schools will work together to

  • Bring in support for those children and families that need it – this may be professional support, therapeutic support and/or crisis support.
  • Identify support and resources needed in the area to strengthen the community – this may be activities for children, adult education for families, self-help and support groups for individuals.