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Covid and Me - Medical Research

Take part in medical research to help the NHS find the solution.

Medical research is playing a key role in bringing the COVID-19 pandemic under control.  The UK is delivering pioneering research studies into COVID-19, including to develop treatments and vaccines.  

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) needs as many people as possible, from every part of the UK’s population to consider taking part in these studies and help the NHS find the solution.

To illustrate how people from different communities have been affected by the pandemic and to underline the importance of COVID-19 research, they have created seven short films to tell stories based on real patient experiences and conversations. 

We hope they will inspire you to learn more about taking part in research.

 To learn more about the Covid and Me project visit

 Crossing the Line

Varsha shares a positive experience of being involved in the PRINCIPLE trial in the community. She talks about some of the misconceptions and challenges of participation in clinical trials for the older Punjabi community. 

Watch here:

  Carrots and Marigolds 

Ed doesn’t do email. “There’s something about me trying drugs that I don’t want to do”. He has a conversation with his niece on the allotment about a letter from his GP and together they unpick the myths he holds about what research looks like and how it feels.

Watch here:


  Chicken Pepper Soup

Ife’s dad is part of a vulnerable shielded group. She talks about the impact of him getting COVID-19 and his reluctance of taking part in research. She reassures him it is important to give back to the NHS and help other families.

Watch here:

  Important Person

“Taking part isn’t about being posh - we’re all in it together” says Ollie. He lives in a high rise block of flats and lost his Dad to COVID-19. His Dad refused to take part in research. They reflect on his death and explore their own feelings about research as a result. 

Watch here:

  An Awkward Fit

Kirsty is a clinical trial coordinator in her early thirties who uses a wheelchair. She works at a hospital and is directly involved in the setting up of a COVID-19 study. She is looking for ways in which she can help engage the older population in research to help successfully deliver the trials she works on.  

Watch here:

  The Call

Trudy is a carer.  Her husband is in intensive care after contracting COVID-19. She has tested negative so can continue in her caring role. She has a conversation whilst on a visit, about the importance of talking to family members about participation in research. 

Watch here:

  Shoulder to Shoulder

Asif shares a very emotional account of his family’s journey through COVID-19 and how losing his father has affected him. The funeral ceremony and prayers shared behind face masks. His brother consented to taking part in the plasma trial and he talks about his feelings towards his brother’s contribution and how inspiring he is.

Watch here: